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Privacy & Security

At Merlinn, safeguarding your data privacy and security is our top priority. We recognize the vital role your data plays in your business operations, and we handle it with the highest level of diligence and protection.

Security Measures

  • We encrypt all data at rest and in transit using TLS.
  • We use MongoDB Atlas for our database.
  • Our backend services run on GCP infrastructure.
  • All of your secret credentials are stored in Google Secret Manager.
  • We use Vercel to serve our web application (dashboard).
  • All users have access to SSO (Single Sign-On) through OAuth 2.0 with Google. We can enforce SSO for your organization (Only on Business) to require 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).
  • For more security inquiries, please contact us at

Privacy Measures

  • We've implemented a robust that makes sure your data is for your eyes only.
  • We use a separate knowledge database for each customer, which prevents leakages.
  • For more privacy inquiries, please contact us at


We urge both employees and third parties to notify us of any breaches by reaching out via email at You have the option to maintain anonymity or request privacy protection when contacting us.